VR Quest Arena
VR Quest Arena
VR Quest Arena
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Arkadia is all about people having fun, playing together and enjoying every moment.
The 6-Player Arena increases throughput and income by 50% compared to 4-Player units, maximizing the social factor and adding a lot of commercial value. The attraction is family-friendly, yet highly engaging and competitive, and this makes it appealing to everyone.

How do you choose
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6 Player Arena

Fast ROI. More income.
A 6 Player Arena means a quicker ROI and a considerably higher income.

No Licensing Fees

1 year free of licensing charges
It will save you money, so you can have a higher profit margin.

Smart Upgrade

Go from a 4 to a 6 Player Arena.
Start with a 4 Player Arena, then easily upgrade it to a 6 Player Arena for more income.

50% more revenue per game / per hour / per year.

  • Total Arena Size

    14.8 ft x 18.8 ft x 8.7 ft

    4.5 m x 5.7 m x 2.7 m

The 6 Player Arena has a smaller foot print than most 4-player systems, it increases the number of players per game, which boosts overall ticket sales and income by 50%. It’s the perfect choice for heavy traffic locations like medium and large size FECs.

Best choice for eSports competitions and social events.


The Right Balance Between Space and ROI.

  • Total Arena Size

    14.8 ft x 14.8 ft x 8.8 ft

    4.5 m x 4.5 m x 2.7 m

The 4 Player Arena is compact and efficient, it’s the best choice for small and medium size FECs. Want more throughput? You can easily go from a 4 Player Arena to a 6 Payer Arena with our Smart Upgrade option.

Smart upgrade available to 6 Player Arena.

3 more reasons to
purchase VR Quest Arena

Tech support available 24/7

Premium tech support available 24/7. Easy to manage VR system, user friendly interface and control software.

High replay VR games

Content is king! Top everything off with stunning graphics and a great immersive factor.

Tournament Platform

Turn your center in an eSports arena with our tournament platform. Organize intense competitions and social events.

New VR Titles
Released Periodically

Your guests will enjoy a wide range of fun and competitive VR games.
All the games are produced in-house, they are unique, have amazing graphics and deliver truly intense experiences.

Game type: Team based shooter

Game time: 5 minutes

Attek is a 2-6 players VR game, sci-fi themed, coop shooter. Users must work together to defeat a huge army of robots. They can move around the enemy base by using teleportation platforms. It`s a very fast-paced, all you can shoot game, that ends with a grand boss battle.

Game type: Player vs player shooter

Game time: 5 minutes

Sea bandits is a 2-6 players VR game, pirate-themed, player vs player shooter. Users have to compete against each other for the highest score. it`s a dynamic and engaging game, highly competitive and extremely entertaining.

Game type: Player vs player shooter

Game time: 5 minutes

Raverz is a 2-6 players VR game, sci-fi themed, player vs player shooter. Users have to move around the battle arena using teleportation platforms, find power-ups, and compete for the highest score. The game delivers a highly competitive experience.

Game type: Player vs player shooter

Game time: 5 minutes

WingRun is a 1-6 players, sci-fi themed, player vs player racer. While flying on hover boards, players compete against each other for the highest score by sprinting on different race tracks. It’s a very exciting and competitive VR experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Game type: Single player, Free Room

Game time: 8 minutes

Grim Helm is a walkable free roam VR game. Players have to physically move around the entire gaming area to explore the virtual environment. The immersive level is incredible, high-quality graphics combined with thrilling adventures create a truly astonishing VR experience.

Coming soon...

Virtual Reality belongs in the
entertainment centers

Our latest clients and their success stories prove it.
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"With over 58 years of designing, manufacturing, and supplying spectacular attractions (...) we know a winner when we see one."

Dutch Magrath III, the President of Amusements Products, LLC

"Just testing and playing the games was incredible. You set this up faster than we ever anticipated."

Mike Tiegs, General manager at Altitude 1291