The perfect location based virtual reality entertaiment solution

The VR Quest Arena is a spectacular location-based attraction. Imagine an infinite virtual space mapped on a 25 m2 arena. Picture your guests enjoying highly immersive and exciting adventures. Think of a system that has a huge WOW factor, adds value to your location and attracts visitors.

That`s what we offer, the most complex virtual reality entertaiment solution.

Have it all! Multiplayer & single player experiences mapped on the same game arena.

Out of Home

VR Entertainment

Fully Equipped

Turnkey Solution

Space Wise /

Adaptable Size



Multiplayer &

Singleplayer Games

High Replay




Immersive &

Fun Experiences

Multi player games

Engaging and dynamic multiplayer VR games.

Multiplayer mode accommodates up to 4

More players, more fun, increased ROI.

PVE & PVP game options available

Team up or face-off.

Highly dynamic custom developed games

Intense gameplay.

Tournament and leaderboard platform included

Host exciting competitions and social events.

Single player experiences

Breathtaking out-of-home VR adventures.

Hyper-Immersive VR experiences

Live fantastic stories

Large walking VR environments

Discover new realities

Thrilling, user orientated adventures

Join the quest

Interactive VR Storytelling

It’s more than entertainment, it’s an adventure

Not enough room ?
No problem

If you think that your location isn’t big enough for a VR attraction, rest at ease, we got you covered. Introducing VR Quest Arena – Light Unit, versatile 2m by 2m modules that can be installed and interconnected in locations that have a smaller space allowance. Read More