We provide a fully operational turnkey solution. You get everything you need: a gaming arena, all the required VR equipment, a system control unit and stunning VR games. We install the whole thing and guests are ready to play.

  • Space Wise - Adaptable Size
  • Multiplayer & Single Player Games
  • High Replayability Factor
  • Immersive & Fun Experiences
  • Dynamic & Engaging Gameplay
  • Astonishing Graphics
  • No Motion Sickness
  • New Games Available Frequently


The Arena is a fully equipped arcade space that acts as a gaming area and management zone. You get a 4.5 m by 4.5 m play area, so guests have enough space to explore and play. We also included some extra features: a LCD screen to stream live footage or use as a promotional tool, a secure storage area for the VR equipment and other useful appliances.

  • Total Module Size

    4.9 m L x 4.9 m W x 2.7 m H

  • Game Area – 4.5 m L x 4.5 m W
  • Runs multiplayer (PVE/PVP) & Single player games
  • Average gameplay time: 5-7 Minutes
  • Requires a high speed internet connection.


Light on space? We have the solution. VR Quest Arena – Light Unit is a modular virtual reality attraction, specially designed for smaller or crowded locations. Don’t worry, it runs the same awesome multiplayer experiences as the standard size installation. The Light Unit is comprised of 2m by 2 m modules that can be installed separate or in various pattern formations and connected with each other via a server.

  • Total Module Size

    2 m L x 2 m W x 2.5 m H

  • Game Area – 1.8 m L x 1.8 W
  • Runs Multiplayer PVE & PVP games
  • Average gameplay time: 5 Minutes
  • Requires a high speed internet connection.


The Control Unit is a user friendly management system that lets you run and supervises all arcade operations. It allows you to choose what game to runs next, organize tournaments, view arcade statistics and much more. We can also use it to update your software, upload new VR experiences and provide you with tech support.


We use only high performance gear in order to provide smooth and consistent gaming experiences. People will be equipped with VR ready computers, VR headsets and game controllers. Their movement inside the game area will be tracked by motion sensors.


We provide highly immersive experiences that will surely thrill and entertain your guests. All the games are produced in house, they are unique, have amazing graphics and deliver truly intense experiences. Actually, our games have a few essential traits, they are really fun and engaging, look amazing, have a great immersive level, lack motion sickness and they are easy to play.

Venture inside Grim Helm Dungeon, a shadowy fortress with a bleak past. Discover its dark mysteries, evade deadly traps, find an artifact of great power and escape the mighty beast that lurks in the shadows.

Welcome to the Attek elite squadron! Your team will travel the galaxy in search of any remaining Mechrun Corporation colonies and insurgents. The mission is simple: find, infiltrate and destroy all of the company’s bases.